The Most Powerful Rat Bait That Is Worth Trying

A rat bait worth checking out is Peanut Butter! At first, I couldn’t believe that there were rats in Canada. Given the cold air in winter or Winter, the Rats can’t survive mainly because Rats’ habitat is in the sewers. 

The Most Powerful Rat Bait

However, in Canada, there are also rats. Rats in Canada are not as big as in Indonesia. The mice are small, like the size of a young rat in Indonesia. The color of the fur is also the same, namely Gray as the color of most mice. During our years of living in Canada, we have only entered our home once. The Rat sneaked in when we opened the garage door. 

We know there are Rats when the kitchen is messy in the morning. The cereals were placed on the table mixed on the floor. And when I opened the bottom oven door, Rats ate dry pasta and Prawn crackers from Indonesia! Canadian mice like it dry. 

Immediately, I looked for Rat glue at the supermarket. It turns out that there is also rat glue, such as mouse glue that is sold in Indonesia. There are also tunnel-shaped traps. But all of them are small! Small Rats in Canada are not like Got Rats in Indonesia. In short, I bought a “pretentious” trap shaped like a tunnel. And a week passed without success. It’s anxious to have our house messed up. Especially if at night, Canada is lonely without crickets, making the night lonely without a sound. So that the guerrilla crackle sound is increasingly heard when we sleep.

At first, I thought it was the wrong bait. I sprinkle Cheese, Nuts, breadcrumbs, meat, or Chicken flakes from cooking. But it didn’t work. Even Cheese was left untouched. Apparently, the Tom and Jerry movie who likes to eat cheese, a little “Hoax”. I didn’t dare to ask friends, let alone neighbors. Because, if someone knows that our house has rats, the neighbors can get excited and even call Pest Control. Because they are afraid that Rats will come to their house. And we don’t want to cause a stir around our neighbors.

Finally, I asked a Hong Kong neighbor who looked trustworthy. Apparently, their house had been secretly entered by Rats. I do not know, maybe the rats that entered our house came from their house! The neighbor advised me that the Old Rat trap works better (see below). And the neighbors told them that Peanut Butter works great because it smells strong to them. Wow, I hurried off to buy the Mouse and Peanut Butter trap! Until that evening, we set the trap.


Believe it or not, we put these traps in the kitchen. And from the kitchen to the living room is very close. However, after only 5 minutes we set the trap, Rats were hit! Apparently, Rats were impatient with the smell of Peanut Butter. In fact, we are still sitting in the family room, which means the mouse still hears, that there are still people around the kitchen. However, the Rat could not wait to come out of hiding.

So at night, we go out throwing Rats in the trash outside the house. Well, for those of you who are curious about the most powerful rat bait, Peanut Butter seems worth a try! Good luck. 

** Images are taken from Pixabay free pictures.

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