List of Best Universities In Canada

Studying in Canada is usually preferred by parents for a number of factors. Why study in Canada? Based on a survey from The World University Ranking, Canada offers more flexibility than other countries. The tuition fee is cheaper, the application process is straightforward and the opportunity to get Permanent Resident status in Canada is higher. This means it is hoped that after graduating from college, students can get the opportunity to work in Canada.

Best Universities In Canada:

Based on a survey from  The World University Ranking, the list of the best universities in Canada is as follows:
  • The University of Toronto. The number one best university is the University of Toronto which is located in downtown Toronto or downtown Toronto, in the province of Ontario. Students at the University of Toronto come from all over the world so the University of Toronto offers a wide variety of students from a wide variety of ethnicities and backgrounds. The University of Toronto is huge and consists of several buildings. From one building to another it is quite far away and in one day we may have to change buildings to start lectures. Because it is far away and sometimes times are tight, it is not uncommon for students to be late when entering the lecture hall, you know! The University of Toronto is number 18 worldwide.
  • The University of British Columbia.  The University of British Columbia has two locations, one in Vancouver and the other in Kelowna. For the location in Vancouver, the location is very beautiful and close to the Botanical Garden and museums. Also, the very friendly weather in Vancouver makes this university highly sought after by many students. According to the news circulating, this university also offers scholarships for its students. The University of British Columbia is at number 34 worldwide.
  • McGill University. The university at number 3 best in Canada is located in Montreal where the majority of residents in Montreal speak French. However, this McGill university uses English as the language of instruction. The university is number 42 in the world.
  • McMaster University. This university is in the city of Hamilton in the province of Ontario. Where is one province with the University of Toronto. This university places more emphasis on health research, especially stem cell and cancer research. The university is at number 72 in the world ranking.
  • University of Montreal. The University of Montreal is the second-best university in the city of Montreal. The city of Montreal is located in the province of Quebec. The difference is that the University of Montreal is the only one that speaks French out of the 5 best universities in Canada. The University of Montreal is number 85 from all corners of the world.
Well, the ranking above is the ranking made by The World University Ranking. Of course, there are many different opinions regarding the best ranking of these Canadian universities. Some people argue that for Engineering, the University of Waterloo is better than the University of Toronto. As for the medical field, McGill University is trusted as the best. Each person has a choice. However, it is unfortunate that the University I attended is in the order of 601 to 800 based on a survey by The World University Ranking. Meanwhile, according to Wikipedia, the University is number 57 in Asia and number 292 worldwide.

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