Here’s how to break into a more sophisticated credit card

Lately, I have become increasingly annoyed with increasingly sophisticated credit card burglary motives. I don’t know whether the case of credit card burglary is as sophisticated as in Canada or not. Hopefully, it’s still at the stage of cheating limits or stealing pins. 
This article I hope many people read it and be vigilant. Because the times are increasingly sophisticated and sometimes we are a little careless with technological advances which are actually dangerous.

Credit Card Breaking

In Canada, people rarely carry cash or cash. Usually, shops or individuals prefer Debit or Credit Cards. The reason is fear of losing your wallet and flying cash. In addition, people are lazier to go to ATM machines even though ATMs in Canada are not as queued as in Indonesia. Anyway, the title is lazy, and Credit or Debit Cards are more often used as a means of payment. Usually, debit cards use a pin and credit cards use a signature or pin. Later, even faster. Staying on “stick to the engine” only, it’s finished without pins and all kinds. If you are a newcomer or have even lived abroad for a long time, recently the motives for burglary are as follows:
  • There is an incoming call (not a cellphone). When picked up, we hear a computer voice telling us that our credit card or debit card is used to pay an amount A. If you don’t think you’ve made the payment then press 1. Be careful about this call. Because this is the engine sound of a con artist. Once we press number 1, we will be connected to the fraudster and they will ask for our data as if it were the real bank. Of course, our debit card or credit card is okay because they are not used to buy. They are the cheaters. Cunning, right?
  • There was a phone call that came to the house that was again not to the cellphone, and when the computer voice was answered, it said we got an additional Credit Card. Again, fraud. Don’t respond.
  • The motive is the same as points number 1 and 2 above, the sound of a computer, but it is as if we get a bonus to increase the Credit Card limit. This is also a scam.
In short, whatever the computer voice sounds, don’t pick it up, because they’re all scammers. In Canada, the majority of the population is immigrants or immigrants from all over the world. Of course, competition is very fierce, especially in terms of looking for work and livelihoods. So, fraud in Canada is sophisticated and the motives are changing all the time with new ones every day. Sadly, the perpetrators of this fraud are not from within Canada itself but from abroad (because both speak English so we are not aware). Therefore, if you are a newcomer to Canada, don’t just take any incoming calls. 
In one day, telemarketing offers a lot of different kinds. Usually, people rarely pick up the phone because there is too much telemarketing. Landlines in Canada are free, aka we pay in one month the same amount of bills, no matter how much we use, including calling cellphones except internationally. Thus, people abuse this facility by making arbitrary calls. Second, these international con artists do not target Indonesia because they cannot speak Indonesian. Most of these con artists speak English with a certain accent or dialect of a country (I don’t call it because it would be racist).
Once again, we must be aware of any type of fraud, especially credit cards that are increasingly sophisticated. Even debit cards can be cracked. It’s too bad if we are newcomers and it is difficult to find work, but easily become victims of fraud. Beware!

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