8 Best Job Prospects for Communication Science Graduates

We can’t help but communicate. Everything we do, for whatever purpose, requires a communication process. The process of conveying a message from the communicator (delivering the message) to the communicant (the recipient of the message) through a medium or way until it finally causes an effect or reciprocity, may look so simple. However, what is actually being learned in this world of communication?    

Along with the development of times, times, and increasingly rapid technology, of course, all elements of our life receive a lot of influence from new things. These new things certainly affect the way we communicate. The way humans communicate in ancient times, in the 90s, and today, of course, is different, right? So, by upholding modernity, the study of Communication Science continues to be a critical field of science to always present the right strategy to convey a message, depending on the context, its elements, to the content of the message.   

As we know, the study of Communication Studies has quite a lot of branches. Broadcasting, journalism, public relations, advertising, media management, marketing communications, mass communication, business communications, and many more. Usually, when we choose one of the branches of Communication Sciences, we also understand the other branches. However, it is in the branch of Communication that we choose that we will become experts in it. So, what are the job prospects for this Communication Science graduate with an S.Ikom degree? Come on, let’s watch it together. 

  1. Broadcaster / Power in the broadcasting world

Becoming a producer, director, reporter, copywriter and others involved in the broadcasting world is one of the softest job prospects in the world of Communication Science. As we know, the world of broadcasting is basically the process of conveying a message through mass media such as television, radio or newspapers to the public. Well, it is in the process of delivering messages that graduates of Communication Science are required to be able to determine strategies so that the messages conveyed are easily accepted by the community according to their segmentation. The field of broadcasting work is usually placed in television, radio, or newspaper offices, tabloids, and magazines.

  1. Journalists

Journalism is a part of Communication Science. His study, which studies how to package news in the best possible way so that it can be spread to the wider community, is one form of how someone can convey a message effectively through media. In the world of Communication Studies, journalism is a compulsory subject that must be studied. The ability to write, sensitive to social conditions around it, as well as the ability to convey and choose which news is suitable to be spread and which is not suitable to be distributed are several things that can be obtained from studying journalism. Journalism is a science that can be learned by anyone, not necessarily a Communication Science graduate. However, Communication Science graduates certainly have more abilities in this journalistic world.

  1. Announcer and presenter

The ability to convey messages well and be able to attract public attention is certainly part of what Communication Science graduates learn. This ability is very much needed to become a radio announcer or announcer, to become a presenter on television, both for sports events, official news, gossip, and so on. Communication Science graduates are always required to be good at speaking effectively in conveying their aims and objectives. This is what makes the position of announcer or presenter the right target for job prospects for graduates of Communication Studies.

  1. Master of Ceremony (MC)

If announcers and presenters only focus on the mass media, then work as MC can be positioned in various events. Being an MC certainly requires a good quality speaking style, good at placing oneself, and being able to bring events to be as expected. Of course, there are elements of communication in it. Although it can be studied self-taught, Communication Science graduates certainly have the expertise to be the MC learned in their studies.

  1. Public Relations Officer or Public Relations

Representing the company at all times, maintaining the good name of the company, and creating a harmonious relationship with all company clients, are the big tasks of a Public Relations or PR person. Yes, the Public Relations profession is also a very promising job prospect for Communication Science graduates. A Public Relations person must always rack his brains to convey company messages to the public so that the company he manages will always have a good reputation. Challenging, right?

  1. Event Organizer

Designing a large event, packaging an event according to the concept of the message to be conveyed, to arranging the pickles in such a way as to leave a good impression and reputation, are some manifestations of the goals of an event organizer’s strategy. Through an event, an event organizer team is expected to be able to convey a certain message or meaning and embody good reputation from the organizer. That’s where the challenge is. Being an event organizer is very fun, you know. Like working while playing. The income is also quite fantastic. Interested?

  1. Advertising practitioners / Advertising

Advertisement! Yes, it sounds trivial, but it affects us, right? One of the masterminds and creative hands behind the various advertisements scattered in various media is a Communication Science graduate, you know. They try to influence the public with messages – products, goods or services that they want to convey, through unique and creative messages and media so that anyone who sees them is inspired to buy, use or believe them. Interesting message delivery process, right! In advertising, the more interesting and intriguing it is, the more successful and effective it is. Job prospects in the advertising world for Communication Science graduates, among others, as an advertising project leader, copywriter, camera person, media planner, and others 

  1. Marketing Communications

Communication Science graduates can also be people who sit nicely in the office, compiling and designing marketing communication strategies that are right for the company. Yes, being a marketing communication is not merely promoting marketing elements from business science. Communication Science graduates are expected to be able to make marketing more effective and attractive, one of which is by developing appropriate communication strategies in terms of segmentation, how the message is, what is the medium and what kind of goals are expected. This is certainly challenging for anyone who goes through it.

Those are the 8 best job prospects for Communication Science graduates. In accordance with your interests?

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